8 Tips for Selling in the Summer

Are you getting ready to sell? Do you feel like you missed the Spring Rush of the housing market? Are you wondering how to make your home stand out? Here are 8 Tips for Selling in the Summer.  When you follow these 8 tips, then you will ensure your home appeals to the widest audience of buyers!



Play up Curb Appeal when Selling in the Summer

Attention Catching Curb Appeal

Nothing says summer like flowers in bloom, a beautiful green lawn, and fresh mulch. When you take the time to make your yard look well-manicured, buyers will know the home is taken care of. You have 7 seconds to make a great first impression, so take the time to play up your curb appeal!



Washing the Windows is an overlooked tip

Make the Windows Shine

Another often overlooked tip is window washing. Summer is all about spending time outdoors. When you wash your windows, inside and out, then you are bringing the outdoors into perfect focus for the buyers. A crisp, clean window will frame your immaculate landscaping efforts and the buyer will appreciate the view!



Declutter, depersonalize, deep clean

3D’s of Home Selling Success

We’ve all heard how important the 3D’s of home selling are. If you take these tips to heart, your buyer will feel like they’ve stepped into a move in ready home. When a home is clean and free of clutter and personal effects, then buyers will immediately be able to imagine living there with their items in the home. Don’t give your buyers any reason to profile you. Neutralize each space!

Here’s a link to my Pre-Listing Cleaning Checklist to help you get started!



Another Great Tip is to Polish Hardwood Floors

Pay Attention to the Floors

The most abused surface in any home is the flooring. And, with the summer sunlight shining down on your floors, it is worth the effort to have the hard surfaces polished. Not only does a fresh clean floor feel inviting, but it also lets the buyer know you take pride in the home. The buyer will rest easy knowing they are buying a home that has been thoughtfully maintained!



Add Pops of Color Throughout the Home when Selling in the Summer

Add Color 

Bring Summertime indoors by adding pops of color! When you add fresh flowers, colorful pillows and throws, a bowl of green apples or lemons, it will all bring in the feeling of summer and outdoor living. Adding Color is a great tip for selling you home in the summer!

A Home Staging Consultation will cover all these tips and so much more!



Opening Curtains and Blinds is a no-fail tip for Selling in the Summer

Let in Natural Light

Once you’ve taken the time to wash your windows, throw open the curtains and blinds! Curtains are a great way to frame the green trees and grass, or the colorful flowers, outside the windows. When you let the natural light come flooding into your home, then buyers will love the look and feel it brings to a space. You can’t go wrong with adding more light!



Keep up on Outdoor Maintenance

Impress with Outdoor Spaces

In the Summer months, we love to spend more time living outside. Another important tips for selling in the summer is to keep up on outdoor maintenance. Consider power wash siding, decking, and stone pathways. When you clean your outside dining area and add a floral centerpiece, then your buyer will look forward to entertaining. Keeping your outdoor spaces maintained will feel inviting and support the impression of pride of ownership!



Don't ignore this tip, Be Sure the Entry is Pristine

A Welcoming Entry

Another important tip for selling in the summer is giving careful attention to your entry. Along with curb appeal, the entry should be well maintained, clean, and welcoming. When you add greenery, a small bench, a clean welcome mat, then your buyer will automatically feel at home as they cross the threshold. Remember, the goal is to help the buyer envision themselves living in the home, why not go the extra step of making the entry pristine?


Selling in the summer has a lot of great things to offer your buyer. Showing off the outdoor living spaces to their best potential should be a priority! By following these 8 Tips for Selling in the Summer, you will be giving your buyer the best showing possible!

Need a little more direction on how to get the most from your biggest investment? A basic Home Staging Consultation will give you a clear plan to follow as you prepare your home to list. Click here to schedule a Free Discovery Call! We can chat about your goals and needs and see if we are a good fit!

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