Add a mirror

Using mirrors in a space is a simple way to improve the overall feel. Mirrors are a must in nearly every room. When you Add a mirror, you instantly elevate the space with style. The benefits of mirrors are many! Let’s explore how adding a mirror to a room will enhance the space.



Add a mirror to boost natural light.

Boost Natural Light

When you add a mirror to a space, it will increase the amount of light. Bounce light around a dim room by placing a mirror across from a window or next to a lamp. A mirrors’ reflection will create more light from the light you already have. Just place it where the light naturally falls, and you can update the lighting without an electrician.



Add a mirror over the fireplace to boost natural light.

Create Dimension

If you add a mirror above a fireplace in a smaller room, it will make the room feel more spacious. A full-length mirror near a floor lamp will bounce light and give the room more depth. Increasing dimension in a space is simple to do with mirrors. There are so many types of frames, glass styles, and shapes to choose from.



Add a mirror to create visual interest.

Mirror’s are Great for Visual Interest

Not only do mirrors increase light and dimension, but they are also interesting. Adding a mirror creates visual interest in a space, so decorate with them! A simple gallery wall looks great with mirrors. Add a mirror to a shelf and layer with art in all shapes and sizes for a designer look. Find a mirror that reflects your personality, and it will act like an expensive piece of art without the price tag.



A new bathroom mirror is an inexpensive update.

Add a Mirror for Function and Style

No need to be boring in your bathroom. If you add a mirror with a modern shape over your vanity, you’ve just made quick update. Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add style and class to any bathroom. Don’t stop there! Adding a mirror to your entry way is a practical and quick way to check your appearance before you leave the house.



A floor-length mirror adds dimension.

Not just for walls

Mirrors are not just for walls. Mirrors can be found on décor, accessories, furniture, tile, and more. Consider a mirrored tray to anchor a vignette. If you add a mirrored console to your space, it will add function, increase natural light, and show off your style. There are so many ways to add a mirror to your space. When decorating with mirrors, don’t be afraid to try out different sizes. Big or small, round or square, you can’t go wrong when you incorporate mirrors in your home!


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