Create a Coffee Table Vignette

Coffee tables can become a catch-all for items we use both often and infrequently. The best way to eliminate clutter is to give a defined purpose to everything in the space. If it doesn’t have a purpose, get rid of it. Did you know a thoughtfully planned coffee table vignette can become a statement piece in the space? When you take some time to Create a Coffee Table Vignette, the space will feel finished and put together. Giving your coffee table a design purpose will encourage the clutter to move elsewhere. Here are some simple to follow tips to create a coffee table show piece that will have your friends talking.



Ground your Coffee Table Vignette

Ground your Vignette

Start with the basics. Coffee table décor looks better when anchored. When you use a tray or cloth as an anchor for your coffee table vignette, it will ground the overall look and it will feel intentional. Trays come in all shapes, materials, and sizes. Consider using a rattan runner, or simple cloth placemat for other options to ground your vignette.



Use Varying Heights in your Coffee Table Vignette

Use Object of Varying Height and Sizes

When creating a coffee table vignette, use the high, medium, low concept. Vignettes are better with odd numbers. If you stick with three or five objects in varying heights, the odd numbers create interest. Varying the heights of the objects will capture the gaze and give the eye natural movement to view each object individually. It will feel less busy and flow better to other parts of the room too.



Include plants and greenery in your coffee table vignette

Include Life

If you add greenery or flowers, you will bring life to the space. Rooms always feel fresher when bringing the outside in. Including life with your coffee table vignette is a great way to showcase your style. A unique vase, or a simple succulent can say a lot about your personality and taste. Whether you love fresh flowers, or feel that artificial is a safer way to go, greenery and flowers will make your coffee table pop!



Be Consistent with your Color Palette

Keep the Color Palette Consistent

It’s important to keep the color palette of the space in mind when creating your coffee table vignette. When the colors in a space flow seamlessly, the eye can move freely and take everything in. If you go bold with accent colors, then incorporate some color with a floral arrangement, or decorative object on your coffee table. If you have a more neutral space, then keep the coffee table décor neutral too. Remember, less is more. Coffee table color should be complimentary, not a showstopper!

Struggling with creating a cohesive palette? A Color Consultation can help with that!



Add some personality

Add Your Personality

A coffee table vignette is a great place to show your personality. When you add something quirky that speaks to you, you will feel more emotionally connected to the space. Consider a personal photo in a fun frame, a unique object you picked up on a trip, or an item with sentimental value. You can’t go wrong decorating your space with things you love. Understated is key, keep it simple. The best part about decorating your coffee table is that you can change things out with your mood and the seasons!



Use Textures and Shapes in your Coffee Table Vignette

Use Textures and Shapes

A great tip is incorporating glass, wood, cloth, metal, stone, and other natural materials in your coffee table vignette. When you mix up objects and materials, it keeps things interesting, and the variety looks great too! The textures don’t need to match. In fact, variety is more visually engaging. Simple, but interesting, are great coffee table goals!



Include Books

Include Books

Books are a great way to add another subtle element when creating your coffee table vignette. Not only will they add height, or ground your vignette when needed, but books are a great way to showcase your hobbies and interests. If you add books to your vignette, you’ll create another point of curiosity. There are so many options with size and color to choose from. Books can be picked up from any second-hand store that will match your look perfectly!


No matter what your style or tastes, the décor you curate for your home should feel good. When you create a coffee table vignette, you will add one more piece of your personality to your space, all while creating a finished look in your home.

As always, if you need help fine-tuning your design style, reach out! Design should be affordable on any budget and I’m here to help. A Discovery Call is always free!

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