Refresh your Outdoor Space

We live in our outdoor spaces anytime the weather permits. All summer long our backyards are an extension of our indoor space, we entertain friends, play catch, dine al fresco, throw a ball for fido, and more. But, is your outdoor space a little stale? Time to think about a little revamp. Here are some simple ideas to Refresh your Outdoor Space. Whether you have a small balcony, or a large amount of acreage, showing your outdoor space some attention will make it feel more inviting.




Refresh your Outdoor Space with Landscape Love

Landscape Love

Being in nature can feel calming. However, if all you see when you go outside are weeds, an overgrown lawn, and incomplete projects, it won’t feel good at all! If you invest some time and money into your landscaping with fresh mulch, well-tended grass, colorful flowers and shrubs, the chilling in the backyard vibe will feel so much better! You will enjoy sitting out back on a warm summer evening with a refreshing drink in hand and admire your beautiful outdoor space. Remember, when you Refresh your Outdoor Space, landscaping is the most important component to start with.



Add Seating

Add Seating

Nothing says to relax more than a comfortable seat with a view of nature.  When you add seating, and lots of it, guests and family will find they can’t wait to hang out in the great outdoors at your place. A small bistro set on a balcony will invite cozy conversation over morning coffee. Adding cushioned furniture inspires more late-night laughter. Depending on the space you have available, when you furnish it with various seating options, you’ll provide comfort and encourage gatherings.



Define spaces

Define Spaces

Adding fun printed outdoor rugs to the seating areas will set each space apart visually. If you arrange your outdoor areas into defined lounging, dining, and cozy conversation nooks, they will feel like home. A large outdoor living area can be organized with an easy flow that will feel peaceful and create organic gathering spots.



Set the Scene in your Outdoor Space

Set the Scene

Vignettes are amazing at pulling a space together. Try adding a tray with candles in various heights to your dining table. Consider a trio of potted plants in a corner of your patio or deck. If you infuse your outdoor space with fun, practical, and pretty accessories, the space will be a true extension of indoor living. Make sure to add pops of color and don’t be afraid to show off your personality too!

Creating vignettes can feel a little intimidating. Here’s a post on Coffee Table Vignettes to check out. 


Refresh your Outdoor Space by Sprucing up Surfaces

Spruce up Surfaces

It’s important to keep your surfaces clean and inviting. No one wants to sit on a cushioned chair covered in dust. It’s worth the time to beat the cushions, sweep or pressure wash the patio, wipe down furniture and tables. If you keep a space clean, it will be much more appealing than one that’s been neglected.


These simple tips to Refresh your Outdoor Space will give you a starting point and set you on a path to loving your outdoor living areas. While the weather is good, take advantage and enjoy all nature has to offer from right outside your home.

As always, if you are stumped and need more ideas, or would like help to refine your vision for your outdoor space, please reach out! A Design Discovery Call is always free. Let’s chat!


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