HOT TIPS from a Color Consultant


Hot Tips from a Color Consultant

As the temperature rises and the sun hangs around a bit longer each day, it’s a sure sign the housing market is heating up. Spring and Summer are the hottest seasons for real estate transactions. When it’s the most competitive time for sellers to rise above the competition, you need to find that sweet spot. How will your home fit a buyer’s expectations and mood? Here are some Hot Tips from a Color Consultant that will help you gain an edge over other houses on the market.

If you are looking for some easy tips that will create maximum visual impact for your home, you’re in the right spot. In this blog, I’ll share some expert advice from my experience as a certified home stager and color consultant servicing the Salt Lake, Davis, and Weber Counties in Utah.


Hot Tip #1 - Drench your space in Natural Light


When you add more natural light, you will make rooms seem more spacious. Lighting plays a significant role in staging a home to make it look and feel cheerful and bright. Natural light adds a visual impact and freshness, which buyers are looking for. Any Home Stager will tell you to use window treatments that are light in color and allow more sunlight into the space. When showing your house, throw those window coverings wide open. Showcase the sparkling clean glass and the view beyond. If the weather permits, bringing in some fresh air will make the space feel alive. Be sure the screens are clean and open your windows.


HOT TIP #2 - Add color for curb appeal


If you add colorful flowers to your landscape, place potted plants, and keep the area clean and trim, you will give the impression of a well maintained home. Capture the spirit of the season to by getting rid of dead plants, dry leaves, twigs, and maintain the green levels of your yard for a summery eye treat. Use a variety of colors that blend and give a fresh coat of paint to any trim or furniture that may need it. A Certified Color Consultant can help with the right colors to blend with your home.


Hot Tip #3 - Cool color tones draw buyers in


When you choose from the cool range of hues to repaint the most visible parts of your house, you will attract more buyers in search of a calm and clean feeling. As a certified home staging and color expert, I love talking about color in my consultations. Colors play a vital role in selling a home. If you opt for light blue, white, and green undertones, you will create a cohesive color scheme. A fresh coat of paint on the front will make your home feel newer. Did you know, if you paint your front door black, you will add up to $6000 to your pocket when you sell?


HOT TIP #4 - Color will make your outdoor space more vibrant


When your home has a spacious outdoor living area, you need to show it off. A gorgeous outdoor living space will sell a home! A clean welcome mat will further amp up the freshness factor. Consider neutral furniture with colorful accents and bright throw pillows. If you add an area rug and potted plants, you will also increase the feel of a comfortable extension of your living space. More and more people are spending time entertaining outdoors. Even if you have a small yard, adding a bistro table and chairs will create interest. You will get buyers imaginations flowing with the possibilities the space offers.


HOT TIP #5 - Create a welcoming atmosphere


If it’s warm out, during showings make sure that your house has the AC going and fans are circulating the air. When you add a tray with a refreshing beverage to help your buyers beat the heat, it’s a thoughtful gesture. It’s also a simple way for the buyer’s to emotionally connect with your home. If you give them a welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing viewing experience, you will draw them in. This will increase your chances of a top dollar offer.


Seasons tend to have a tremendous effect on consumer decisions and buyer’s psychology. Keep your space light and clutter-free to highlight the seamless flow of your house. If you would like to have some personalized expert assistance in staging your home, connect with us, or browse our website for more information.

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