Staging with Greenery

Have you ever noticed a listing that just feels a little bit dead? I bet it was lacking greenery. When you introduce greenery to an indoor space, buyers will love how they feel without pinpointing exactly why. The power of greenery is truly amazing! Here are 5 tips when Staging with Greenery that will help you create a space buyers will respond to.


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When Staging with Greenery, choose the right greenery

Choose the right Greenery

Opt for fresh healthy greenery that complements the space, consider using plants with variegated coloring on the leaves, or mix in some plants with white flowers. Be wary of bold colored flowers indoors though. Too bright will draw the eye and take attention from the home. The idea is to create an organic feeling in a space, Greenery will provide a fresh feeling and bring life to utility spaces like kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.



Choose strategic placement

Strategic Placement

Identify key areas where greenery can draw the eye and tell the story. Strategically placing greenery around a room can direct where you want the eye to look. Greenery has the ability to attract attention in an understated way and then let it go naturally. In staging with greenery,  position plants in a broad triangle to keep the eye moving to all the areas in a space you want the buyers’ eye to take in.



Balance and Proportion are key with Staging with Greenery

Balance and Proportion

When Staging with Greenery, plants can be used to balance a room. While adding visual weight in a subtle way, a plant can balance an oddly placed window, or create symmetry in a room when needed. Be sure to not overload a room with greenery. Just a touch here and there is all you need. Using different sized planters or baskets can give a plant weight too. If using a tall floor plant, ensure the base in in proportion to the height to avoid a awkward look.



Add a variety of plants when Staging with Greenery

Variety of Greenery

If you’re worried about maintenance or potential allergies, high-quality artificial greenery can still offer a beautiful aesthetic without the need for watering or upkeep. Mix different types of greenery to add texture and dimension to the setting. Consider using real and artificial plants, various leaf shapes and different sizes for appealing visual contrast.



Don't forget outdoor spaces

Outdoor Spaces

Don’t neglect your outdoor spaces! When staging for outdoor living, consider adding pops of color to a conversation area with a colorful potted arrangement. Deck boxes or planters with healthy greenery and florals create a lively atmosphere that a buyer will respond to. A freshly mulched flower bed gives a perception of care and will help immensely when selling.\Keep in mind, greenery should complement the overall staging, not overpower the space. By incorporating greenery thoughtfully, you can create a welcoming and visually appealing environment that will capture the attention of potential buyers.


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