Summer to Fall in 5 Steps

As we bid farewell to the sunny days of summer and prepare to welcome the cozy embrace of fall, it’s the perfect time to give your home a refreshing makeover. I’m thrilled to share some fantastic ideas on getting organized for the back-to-school season and the upcoming autumn months with these tips to transition from Summer to Fall in 5 Steps. Summer’s warmth is gradually making way for the crisp air of fall, and as we transition our wardrobes, why not do the same for our living spaces? Whether you’re a parent gearing up for the back-to-school rush or simply looking to embrace the changing seasons, organizing your home can create a smooth and stylish transition.



Go from Summer to Fall by creating a command center

Create a Command Center

A central hub near where you typically enter your home with hooks for backpacks, a bulletin board for schedules, and a designated spot for important paperwork is critical. A well-organized command center can be a game-changer for busy families. When everything has a defined place, your home will be much easier to tidy up. Get the kids on board by giving each child a space for their school belongings. When you create a habit of placing things where they go, you will set an example for those your share the home with to do the same.



Do a seasonal swap with linens and decor to go from Summer to Fall in 5 Steps

Seasonal Swap

Infuse warm hues of rust, deep greens, and rich browns into your decor. Swap out lightweight summer textiles for cozy throws and textured pillows, instantly transforming your space into a cozy retreat. Consider changing out lightweight curtains for heavier drapes, replacing summery centerpieces with autumnal arrangements, and incorporating natural elements like pinecones and pumpkins. When you add cozy layers and textures, you will transform bedrooms into serene retreats.  Layering bedding, incorporating soft rugs, and using ambient lighting will create a tranquil atmosphere that will invite you to come in, snuggle up, and stay awhile. Creating warm and welcoming spaces are what the colder months are all about.

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The change of seasons is a great time to clean out closets

Closet Cleanout

The transition of seasons is the perfect time to declutter closets. When going through bedroom closets, you’ll be able to make room for fall fashions and cold weather clothes from storage. Consider donating, repurposing, or storing summer attire and worn-out linens to create a more organized and functional closets. Don’t stop with just your hallways and bedroom storage spaces. Fall is the season of hearty meals and gatherings. Consider spending some time reorganizing kitchen cabinets to accommodate bulkier cooking and baking essentials, making meal prep a breeze. When you have a well-organized and functional kitchen, creating meals for large groups will be a smooth success.



Give your entry points a facelift with Summer to Fall in 5 Steps

Foyer Facelift

Spruce up your entryway with fall-inspired decor. A stylish wreath, a vase of freshly picked wildflowers, and a charming doormat can set the tone for the season and give guests a warm welcome. The perfect time to give a good fall cleaning to your entry spaces is the last dog days of summer. Pull out the power washer and give the walkways, siding, and windows a little sparkle. When you place your décor on a clean canvas, it will be more appealing and pop as it should without distracting dust and cobwebs. Your interior foyer is a wonderful area to share the initial fall atmosphere in your home. Swap out your greenery for fall inspired stems. Consider changing out your art to a seasonal print. Remember, warm and cozy vibes are key for the cooler months ahead.



Set up a successful space for studying with a study nook refresh when going from Summer to Fall in 5 Steps

Study Nook Setup

For students of all ages, having a dedicated study nook is essential. Consider creating an inspiring and organized space with comfortable seating. Add a pillow or light blanket. Don’t’ forget a bit of fall foliage or greenery to freshen things up. Proper lighting and ample storage are key to a productive work environment. When everything you need to study is at your fingertips, you will get more done with less hassle. This goes for kids young and old, as well as anyone who works from home. A study nook or work space refresh is what is needed with the change of seasons.


Embracing the end of summer and welcoming fall doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a little organization and creative flair, your home can transition seamlessly to match the changing season’s charm. From setting up a practical back-to-school command center to infusing cozy autumnal vibes into your decor, these ideas are sure to inspire you to create a home that’s both stylish and functional. Here’s to a beautifully organized home that’s ready to embrace all the joys of fall!



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