Choosing the right color can feel overwhelming.

What if you choose the wrong one?

A Better Way to Choose Color

Have you ever found the perfect paint, but hated it when you put it on your walls? Do you find the amount of options so overwhelming that it's feels better to just live with what you've got? Are you afraid to start your painting project because you just can't stand the thought of making a color mistake?

I am here to help you side-step the costly and disappointing mistake of choosing the wrong color. Each Color Consultation includes a comprehensive room analysis, detailed color plan, and large paint sample sheets for you to keep. I want you to love the color in your home and that means testing your options in different light and areas of your room. Color can feel intimidating, I will take the stress out of selecting the right colors to transform your home. A color consultation is an easy way to make the smartest choice.

Our Certified Color Consultation uses a 6-Step process in each room, so that you feel confident you have chosen the best color for the space.  We analyze the lighting, purpose of the space, and work with furnishings you already own to create a customized, refined, and cohesive color palette you will want to show off.

THe right color choice can transform a room

every great transformation Starts with great color 

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Your home in beautiful color

Each color consultation includes:

Phone Interview

On-site consult

 a 6-Step Color Read Assessment

Palette selection - Walls, trim, ceilings, etc

Large color samples for you to keep

design ideas for future space enhancement


2 Rooms


4 Rooms


Whole House
*Up to 10 Rooms


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Color is the foundation of a beautiful space.

Color is complicated, but it is also so much fun! I adore color and appreciate how color can create a work of art out of a boring wall, bring bold personality into a room, or simply infuse a space with tranquility. Color is a tool that adds value and feeling to a space and I love working with all the possibilities color offers. 

In addition to my Home Staging and Color Expert certifications, I am a Certified Color Expert, attaining my certification from the CCE Training Course. 

Honey Bee Staging and Design is a HSR Certified Professional home staging and interior redesign firm serving the Weber, Davis, Salt Lake counties and surrounding area. 

Livi Folk

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