5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Thinking of changing things up in your home? The possibilities are endless, and can be exciting when dreaming of what could be. But, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the decisions that go into design. Buying piece-by-piece without thinking about the entire design concept can be a disaster. Be sure to start your design project with research and fine-tune your aesthetic before you purchase a single item. Creating a simple concept board is a great way to see if it all looks cohesive. Here are 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid as you get your project underway.



Furniture that isn't to scale is one of 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Furniture isn’t to Scale

A common design mistake to avoid is purchasing furniture that isn’t to scale. Always measure twice before you order. Consider using painters’ tape to mark out the furnishings in the space before you pay for the item. If you order a sofa that is too large or too small for a room it can easily create a feeling of being off balance. Don’t run the risk of a piece overwhelming the space by being too large, or conversely, feeling like an afterthought and buying a sofa that is too small for the room.



Avoid overdecorating when designing your space


People love to collect things. However, a space can start to feel claustrophobic and cluttered when you have all your collections displayed. When you’ve got items that you want to show off, remember to thin out and rotate what you have. Less is always more. This goes for art too! Not every inch of wall space needs to be filled. The less you put on the walls, the pieces you choose to showcase will have a more dramatic impact.

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Improperly hanging curtains is another one of 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid

Hanging Curtains

Another Design Mistake people often make is when hanging window curtains. Consider how big your windows will look if you placed the edge of the curtain at the edge of the window and raised the curtain rod to the half-way point between the window casing and the ceiling. Try it! If you’ve got cathedral ceilings either go all the way to the top for a dramatic effect, or about 4-6” above the window. Don’t have tall ceilings? Be sure to hang the curtain a minimum on 2 inches below the ceiling to add height to the space. The perfect length is to have the curtains just kissing the floor. Rather than block any natural light with curtains, push them wide and let the light in! You’ll love the look and feel of your large windows.

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Remember to add accessories and greenery to finish your space

No Accessories or Greenery

Neglecting to add you own personal touches with small decorative objects and accessories makes a home feel more like a short-term rental. When you add a few of your own personal items, this gives meaning and warmth to a home. This can be books, photos, pottery, or art you love. Finish the look with greenery. Not only does greenery add freshness to a space, it also brings in life and helps the visual flow in a room.



An easy Design Mistake to Avoid is by donating outdated furnishings

Outdated Furnishings

We all have pieces that we purchased or inherited ages ago. Sometimes these are timeless and blend effortlessly with any furnishing or home update. But, more often than not, these pieces just look dated. It’s ok to let things go. There is always a need somewhere for gently used furniture donations. Don’t get stuck in time with outdated furnishings and make that all too common design mistake! Let it go and treat yourself to something that feels fresh, new, and more you.


Individual design aesthetic is a fun part of each of us that can be explored and cultivated. Not everything needs to look straight out of a model home, but wouldn’t it be fun if it did? Real life design is attainable and practical, and I hope these 5 Design Mistakes to Avoid will help you navigate your own design/redesign journey.

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Designing Your Perfect Space Does Not Have to Be Hard