7 Design Ideas for a Quick Refresh


Are you bored of the rooms in your home? Sometimes we need a quick little refresh to make things feel new again. A change of scenery in our homes doesn’t have to break the bank. When you have a plan, it’s easy to incorporate simple new items on any budget. Here are 7 Design Ideas for a Quick Refresh.



Refresh your walls with paint or wallpaper

Refresh your Walls with Paint or Wallpaper

The most inexpensive update you can make to any space is to slap on a fresh coat of paint. With thousands of color options out there, the possibilities are endless! Another fun idea is wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a comeback and there are gorgeous dramatic prints, interesting textures, and soft and subtle designs to choose from. Your space should be a reflection of you, so don’t be afraid to go with what speaks to you!

Need help selecting the right look for your walls? A Certified Color Consultant can help!



Refresh by swapping out throw pillows for a style update

Swap out Throw Pillows

A quick refresh by changing out your throw pillows is easier than you think. If you’ve got pillow inserts that are in great shape, then search for pillow covers. If your style glam, then go with a shag option. How about rustic or industrial, try leather or waxed canvas materials. Do you like Farmhouse or Boho, then look for fun prints. Mixing textures and patterns will add visual interest to an otherwise vanilla space.


Add a mirror for interest and a quick refresh

Add a Mirror for a Quick Refresh

There are so many benefits to using mirrors in your décor. Not only does a mirror give the impression of more space, but mirrors also add light. You can’t go wrong with using mirrors in place of art. When you add a floor mirror to the space, you are drawing attention to a timeless design element. Lucky for you, mirrors come in all shapes and sizes. You are bound to find something that fits your personality and space perfectly.



Invest in an area rug

Invest in an Area Rug

When you add an updated area rug to your space, you will bring in a refreshing new style. It’s easy to switch out an old, dingy rug and change the look of a room without replacing expensive furniture pieces. Rugs come in many different color, patterns, and textures. Consider layering rugs for a custom look in your space.

Worried about keeping an area rug clean? There are many vendors that offer washable rugs, like this one.



Refresh your space with natural light

Refresh your space with natural light

Take a moment to look at your windows. Are they covered most of the time? When you pull back the curtains, does the light flood your space? We are used to creating privacy by keeping our curtains closed. If you take a few minutes to clean your windows until they sparkle, pull back the curtains, and let the light in, you will see your room in a new way. Natural light immediately boosts your mood and is a quick way to refresh your space with nothing more than a little elbow grease.



Restyle your shelves for a quick refresh

Restyle Your Shelves for a Quick Refresh

It’s hard to be objective in our own homes. If you take a photo of your shelves with your phone, it will give you a different perspective. Shelves are overlooked and it’s normal to place things and forget about them. A quick way to refresh your shelf styling is to take everything off, give it a good cleaning, and then replace items in a completely different way. You may find you’re not in love with some items and can donate them. This will make room for fun new things!



Display your personality with accessories

Put Your Personality on Display with Fresh Accessories

When styling your space with a refresh, be sure to add some items that speak to your personality. If you love books, then incorporate books. If you have a travel bug, add interesting finds from your adventures. If you love photography, then accessorizing with your original pictures will add the personal stamp to your space.


There is no right or wrong way to style your space. When you are considering a refresh, refer to these 7 Design Ideas for a Quick Refresh. With a little planning, your refresh will come together beautifully. If the idea of changing things up feel a little intimidating, we can help! Honey Bee Staging and Design offers in-home consultations that starts with what you have and suggests new items to pull the space together for a refreshing new look. Live out of our area? No problem! We also offer E-Design services.

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