5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips

Who here has a brown sofa? I do! When I purchased my sofa, I was thinking kids, dogs, entertaining. I wanted something that wouldn’t show all the things that come with living all over the place in my home. Not only does my brown sofa still look good after years of abuse, but it is so, so comfy. It’s hard to think of getting rid of it. Brown sofas can present challenges when decorating a space. They tend to dominate a room because of their color. Mine happens to be dark brown. Here are 5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips I’ve used to make a cohesive space incorporating my sofa.



Add Natural Light and Greenery

Bring in Natural Light and Greenery

To brighten a room with a dark sofa, consider all the natural lighting inherent in the space. When you bring in as much natural light as possible to a space with dark furniture, it will visually create a more balanced look and feel. Dark furniture tends to sit heavy in a room, so creating a light airy feel by opening up the curtains will make the space still feel open, brighter, and more comfortable. Greenery is HUGE! I am a big fan of adding greenery to every room. Greenery, whether artificial or live, will keep a room feeling fresh by adding a natural element. The color green is also a natural complement to brown and is a winning design combination!



A Brown Sofa Decorating Tip is to add a light area rug

Tie in a Light-Colored Rug

Rugs are a simple, but amazing way to create an intentional vibe. At times, we think of rugs as an afterthought, but an area rug can change the feel of a room instantly. Another one of my 5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips is to use a light-colored area rug to anchor a dark piece of furniture. A light-colored area rug will infuse a space with light, even when the natural light has faded for the day. Select a rug with a faint pattern that incorporates the same hue as the sofa for a cohesive look. Or, choose a rug that will infuse your space with accent colors that go well with your brown sofa.



Consider a bold wall color

Consider a Bold Wall Color

Another option to consider is opting for a bold wall color to play up the impact of a dark sofa. When you paint an accent wall a bold, complimentary color, your sofa will stand out! Brown sofas can look great with both cool and warm colors. Think of a statement wall in dark green, or navy blue. Add some interesting molding to create aa accent wall that doubles as art. A bold color wall can make a room feel dark and moody, or sophisticated and refined. One thing is certain, a bold color style will take your brown sofa to the next level.

Interested in a paint refresh, but not sure what color to go with? As a Certified Color Consultant, I can help!



Choose Accent ColorsBrown Sofa Accent Colors

When thinking of how to incorporate accent colors, think outside the box. A couple of fun-colored poufs in place of solid furniture pieces to compliment your brown sofa is a casual look. Try a bold new pattern on your current accent chairs, or window curtains with a subtle design. When layering a brown sofa, think of texture and color. Adding light colors to a dark piece of furniture give the eye a place to rest. If you are going for fun, choose brighter colors. If you want to bring the drama, go with rich bold shades. A neutral space does well with various tones of grey, cream, and tan. Remember, if it feels good to you when you walk into the room, then you can’t go wrong!




When using these 5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips, think of the finishing touches

The finishing touches

Introducing a variety of furnishings in the same color group through complementary draperies, rugs, decorative, pillows, and art will pull a room all together. My 5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips wouldn’t be complete without putting some thought into of all the soft textiles and decorative objects that will finish a space. Whether you decide to go bold and dark on the wall, or to keep things light and neutral, the pillows, throws, and decorative pieces should complement the space. Layering a brown sofa with neutral throw blankets and pillows will provide contrast and lighten a dark piece. Art is a great way to emphasize the accent colors, or play up the neutrality of a room. Don’t forget the lamps and interesting objects placed strategically to tell your personal story. When it’s all said and done, your space should absolutely be a reflection of your personality.


If you’ve got a brown sofa that needs a bit of a facelift, the simplest way to change the feel of a space is to swap out the accent pieces. Pillow covers, new art, a fresh area rug, and greenery will bring a whole new vibe to your home. When you use these 5 Brown Sofa Decorating Tips, you will have a great jumping off point to help you get started. Need some help? A simple Design Consultation will offer you practical solutions and design ideas from an expert to help you dial in your space without breaking the bank. This will give you the option to phase your redesign to suit your budget and needs. I’d love to chat!



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