Decorating with Green. Tips to add green hues to your home.

As the seasons change from winter to spring, I tend to get a little antsy for warmer weather. I love when the world blooms with new life and I can leave my doors and windows open to nature. How about you? Does the winter thaw and slow transition to spring make you want to spend time in the sunshine? Decorating with Green in my home helps me bring my favorite part of the outdoors in. I love green plants, green accent pieces, and accessories. They make a space feel alive. Here are some ways to Decorate with Green.



Add a statement wall

Add Statement Wall

When Decorating with Green, the simplest way to make a statement is to create an accent wall. Going with a dark green paint is a bold choice, but will draw the eye and offer sophistication and drama to a room. Consider painting a wall in your dining room or bedroom to lend the space a moody vibe. If dark colors make you a little nervous, try a lighter hue that you can complement with richer green toned accessories and linens. Wallpaper used to be taboo, but it’s back with more choices than ever! When you opt to use wallpaper to create an accent wall, you have pattern and texture, in addition to color, to choose from. The possibilities are really endless!

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Green cabinetry is a great way to incorporate green.

Go Green on Cabinets

Green cabinets and wood tones go together so well. Think about your kitchen and bathrooms and how you can change the current style to a more update look with green cabinets. Small bathrooms are great places to try out a trend, they’re fairly inexpensive to paint and the style you choose now doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Ready to try Decorating with Green in your kitchen? Consider a green kitchen island to compliment your wall and base cabinets. Two-tone kitchens are popular and add an interesting design element with depth and character.



Accessories are an easy way to add green when Decorating with Green.

Accent Pieces

Decorating with Green accent furniture is a great way to incorporate visually interesting pieces to your space. Consider a green side chair, small accent table, or paint the back of a bookshelf green. Blend your style with accessories like a green vase, large candle, or artwork with green tones. Adding an area rug with a subtle green pattern is a great way to bring green into a room. In your bathroom, invest in some green towels that compliment your color scheme. Try fresh bedding in your bedroom with throw pillows or a green comforter. There are so many ways to add green to your home, start small and see how it makes a space feel.

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Add green to your spaces with plants


When you bring in live or artificial plants, a space will feel fresher. Greenery in the home adds a natural element that people respond too. I always recommend adding tall plants to odd corners to fill the space. By using small plants on book shelves, you will give the eye a soothing place to rest. Centerpieces and countertops are perfect spaces for adding greenery. Not only does placing greenery around a room draw the eye in an organic way, it also make a room come to life.


Decorating with green is bound to make your home feel fresh and on trend. Use these suggestions to help your creativity flow. For more ideas and inspiration images, check out Pinterest or browse your favorite home stores online. If you’d like help mixing up the vibe in your home for spring, or if you need ideas on how to refresh your space, message me! I’m here to help. A Discovery Call is always free!



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