Fall Decorating Ideas

Who loves Fall as much as I do? Fall is a time for gathering indoors and spending time with loved ones. It is the time to say goodbye to the heat of summer and prepare for the cooler months ahead. Fall is a great time to recharge and reset for the upcoming holiday season. When fall rolls around each year, it’s so much fun to decorate and create a cozy, warm vibe in our homes. Why not usher in the shorter days and longer evenings in front of the fire surrounded by family and friends in an autumnal atmosphere? Decorating for Fall will help you achieve this feeling! Consider these Fall Decorating Ideas to get you started.



First Impressions matter when decorating for fall

Inviting First Impressions

Welcome yourself home by planting fall flowers and tidying up the fallen leaves in the yard. Mums are beautiful pops of color this time of year. When you plant in the spring, you have the benefit of greenery all summer and the surprise burst of color in the fall. There are so many to choose from, you can create an amazing fall canvas in your yard. We all love the brilliant autumn leaves, but don’t love picking them up. When you keep up on the fall leaves, you’ll appreciate the gorgeous contrast between the green grass and the surrounding colors. Your lawn will thank you too!



Making your entry way pop is a great Fall Decorating Idea

Welcoming Entryway

When you take time to clean your entryways and add some décor, you will welcome yourself and your visitors to your home with a festive ambiance. Simple touches like adding a fall wreath to your door, a vignette to your entry table, a clean, cheerful welcome mat, pumpkins and gourds in a variety in sizes and colors on your steps or near your door, or some fall blooms in a pot will feel cheerful and anyone who crosses your threshold will feel your warm welcome. Consider a vase with pampas grass, a deliciously scented candle, and a pumpkin as a simple way to create an entry table vignette. There really are so many options for a fall entry welcome!

Need more help with vignettes? Check out my post here. Or, check out this article from HGTV.com




Lighting is important when decorating

Consider Your Lighting

No matter what time of year it is, lighting inside and outside of your home is important when setting the mood. Fall is a great time of year to check all the bulbs in the outside lights are working and the fixtures clean. As the days grow shorter, it’s nice to have the exterior lights clear and bright to welcome visitors.  When inside your home, natural light is the best way to keep rooms feeling airy in the fall and winter season. Evenings at home require a comfortable feel. When you check the bulbs in your floor and table lamps, be sure to replace any cool white bulb with a warmer, soft white option. Warmer light from lamps helps create a cozy vibe that feels so good in the darker months.



Add Textures with Linens and Pillows

Linens and Pillows

Emphasize coziness with comfy throw blankets and knit pillows. When you add layers of different textures to your bedroom, sofa, or favorite lounge chair, you will boost the feeling of comfort and encourage snuggling. Who doesn’t love to sit in front of a warm fire with a good book and comfy blanket? Or cuddle with a loved one and a warm throw to watch a movie? Foster the idea of that perfect movie night with flannel or knit pillows and throws in layers on the couch. Make the most out of the shorter days by providing a charming environment indoors. Adding layers of coziness is one of my favorite Fall Decorating Ideas!



Bring Fall indoors when decorating

Bring Fall Indoors

There are so many places inside to add a bit of Fall. When you play up a natural focal point, like your fireplace mantle, you can create a showstopper or simply set the mood for your home.  Adding a beautiful table scape can do the same in your dining room. When decorating for fall, use seasonal accents like autumn branches in a tall vase, Leaves and fall florals or pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones allow the natural outdoor elements to be brought inside. Whenever you bring the outdoors inside, you will add freshness to the space. Don’t forget the glorious scents that accompany fall. Cinnamon and spices, apples, crisp autumn air, and all baked good scents will help create a feeling in your home that will be so inviting.



Start with neutrals and add your fall decor

Build on a Neutral Palette

If you are new to seasonally decorating, it’s best to start with a neutral palette. By adding a few pops of warm fall colors, you will learn to incorporate décor in an organic way. Consider a light throw blanket in fall colors to drape over the arm of your couch or at the end of your bed. Or, remove bed or sofa pillows and add a mix of neutral and seasonal pillows in their place. If you want to change up your table décor, start with a simple vignette using fall florals in a vase, a scented candle, and a pumpkin. Remember, vignettes need something tall, medium, and low to catch the eye in a good way. Beautiful décor doesn’t have to be complicated.


Decorating for the fall season should be fun and all about what inspires you. Creating a cozy vibe in your home will make you want to spend your evenings in. These Fall Decorating ideas are a great jumping off point and will hopefully get your ideas flowing. For more ideas and inspiration images, check out Pinterest or browse your favorite online home stores online. If you’d help mixing up the vibe in your home for the holiday season, or if you need ideas on how to refresh your space, give me a call or message me! Good design should be affordable on any budget and I’m here to help. A Discovery Call is always free!



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