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As a home owner or real estate investor, you want your properties to perform better in the market. One of the best ways to achieve this is by using Home Staging & Color Psychology. The benefits of home staging are enormous for both buyers and sellers, as well as landlords who want to attract quality tenants.

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2019 profile of home staging report, the following are the effects of home staging on the market:

  • It reduces the amount of time a property stays on the market 

Homes become difficult to sell when they stay longer on the market. But home staging helps to solve this issue.

  • Home staging increases the value of a property

When you stage a home, it affects the offer price. Sellers benefit from this because they reported a price increase of between 1-10%.

  • Buyers know what they want

Before buyers start searching for a home, they already have a picture of it in mind. When you stage a house, buyers can recognize that it meets their taste. But without the staging, it becomes difficult for them to visualize the home.

  • Home staging helps prioritize important rooms

According to buyers, essential rooms are the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dining, and guest rooms. With this in mind, you can prioritize crucial areas instead of staging the whole house. As a result, you can create a high impact with minimal energy.

  • Brings out the full potential of the home

When you stage a home, you showcase its capacity. Also, you give buyers extra ideas for future use. Buyers will appreciate a home when they see its capabilities. But what feature of home staging allows the home to elicit all these benefits? 



Home Staging with Color


The answer is color psychology.

Interior stylists understand the impact that colors have on our subconscious minds, and they explore it to their advantage. Successful stagers use Home Staging & Color Psychology to bring out the home’s potential.

Colors affect our feelings, moods, and emotions. The color you choose when staging a home determines if it will attract buyers.

As Onsite Property Management explains, as a seller, you want buyers to see your property as comfortable, efficient and secured and any home that elicits positive vibes will attract buyers.

Before you stage a home, you need to do the following:

  • Identify the feelings you want buyers to have once they step into the house.
  • Know the different colors and shades that can elicit these effects.
  • Understand how to introduce these colors into your design effectively.

The baseline colors that you can use in creating positive vibes during home staging are neutral. Bright and bold colors are better as accents.

Below is how you can use color psychology to stage a home:


1. Evoke the feeling of sophistication and luxury

If you want your home to have more value, then you may want to create a feeling of luxury and sophistication. But how can you achieve this?

Use purple, lilac, and orchid colors. Purple is the color of luxury, wealth, and royalty. You can use it as an accent color in the bedroom or on the furniture. Also, lilac and orchid will add to the sophistry because they summon maturity and creativity.

Using purple hues evokes luxurious feelings in Home Staging


2. Make potential buyers feel positive

Buyers will have positive vibes about a home if you can inspire the feeling of happiness and abundance. You can use yellow colors to achieve this effect. However, different shades of yellow generate variable feelings.

Bright yellow can be overwhelming, so we recommend that you use it in smaller amounts. Shades of yellow work wonderfully as accents. Deeper shades are appropriate for living rooms, and paler hues are better in kitchens.

Yellow colors give off a positive vibe in Home Staging


3. Elicit reliability, comfort, and trust

Buyers will settle for a property if they can trust the seller. If you want to bring in a feeling of comfort, reliability, and trust, use brown. Brown is associated with earth and strength. You can use dark shades of brown for furnishing and lighter hues as an accent on walls.

Brown colors give the feeling of comfort and trust when used in Home Staging


4. Add dignity and elegance

If you want to create the feeling of dignity and elegance, use black or gray colors. But when doing this, use only small amounts of black. Over-using black becomes heavy and dull. Combining black and gray creates more impact.

Grey and black colors in Home Staging add elegance



5. Introduce focus, calm, and clarity

The color blue will help you achieve this. It calls forth serenity, harmony, and calm. Dark shades of blue are better as accent colors. You can combine it with grey or white colors. However, lighter hues blend with almost every other color. Blue is a suitable color for bedrooms and offices.

Blue colors in the home bring in the feeling of calm.


6. Ignite energy and warmth

To stimulate this, we recommend that you use red. However, it would be best if you use it sparingly, as too much red can be overstimulating. The color red also symbolizes love and passion. You can use it as an accent color in rooms where you want to create energy.

Red in Home Staging should be used sparingly as it ignites energy



The bottom line

Implementing Home Staging & Color Psychology requires extensive knowledge. When you apply Home Staging and Color Psychology together to sell your home, you can sell the property faster and receive a higher return. If you are interested in learning more about how Home Staging and Color will benefit your real estate transaction, contact Honey Bee Staging and Design for a Free Discovery Call. We’d love to chat with you! 


Contributed by Ryan Erwin, Onsite Property Management Services

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