Key Rooms to Stage

When getting ready to sell your home, you know there will be some things to sort out before listing. Staging is the best way to make your home appeal to the widest audience of buyers. There are cycles to the real estate market; sometimes if favors buyer, sometimes it favors sellers. Regardless of the way the current market is trending, staging your home to sell is a sure way to come out on top every time! Of course, every room in your home should be in tip-top shape, but if you have a few extra dollars to spend, focus your money on these Key Rooms to Stage when listing your home.



The Entryway is a Key Room to Stage

Entry Way –

Welcome your buyers with fresh door mats inside and out. Once buyers cross the threshold, their first impression of the interior is set. If you have a foyer, be sure to style it! A simple console table will anchor the space. A great trick is to add a mirror above it. When your buyer walks in, they will literally see themselves in the home. A fresh bouquet of flowers, or a lovely green plant will bring in color. A table lamp, or two, will be a warm greeting for an evening showing. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or ‘Pinterest Perfect’. Less is More is a great phrase to keep in mind.



The Living Room is important to Stage when selling your home.

Living Room –

The Living Room is an important room to thoughtfully stage. When you add neutral, on-trend pillows and throw blankets, you can turn even the most loved and lived-on sofa into a refreshed piece. Try creating a focal point out of your fireplace, or picture window by setting your furniture around it, conversation style. Lighting is important! If you open your curtains wide, the natural light will fill the space. Just make sure your windows are sparkling clean. Greenery, art, and accessories will finish the room with visually interesting touches. As always, when you remove personal, political, and religious photos, you’ll eliminate any profiling your buyer may not be able to look past.

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The Kitchen is a Key Room to Stage

Kitchen –

Everyone knows the Kitchen is the heart of the home. When you stage the kitchen, it will help buyers feel at home. Start with clearing off appliances and clutter from counter tops, then give it a deep cleaning. This will make the space feel fresh and more open. Then incorporate a bit of greenery to add life. Add an emotional connection point like a cookbook with a rolling pin on a tea towel. Consider a bowl of colorful fruit on the counter for visual interest. Don’t neglect the eat-in areas! Adding place settings and fresh flowers to the bar counter or nook area will make them pop. These ideas will bring a bit of warmth to an otherwise utilitarian space.



Stage the Dining Room when preparing to sell.

Dining Room –

If the home has a separate formal Dining Room, make it wow your potential buyers. When you keep the wall color a light and neutral, it will feel more spacious. Try adding a dramatic piece of art to the wall or opening the curtains to show off the view. Updating the chandelier is an inexpensive way to modernize the space. When you place a beautiful centerpiece on the table with a tasteful floral arrangement, or a simple, to-scale green plant, be sure to anchor it with a tray or runner. Do you have hardwood floors? Invest in a rug with a subtle, neutral pattern to tie the room together. Don’t neglect the draw of an extra entertainment space. Buyers will appreciate your efforts!



The Primary Bedroom is a Key Room to Stage.

Primary Bedroom –

Buyers are looking for a sanctuary and the Primary Bedroom needs to shine! The bed should be the focal point in the room. If possible, arrange the furniture so that the buyers eye rests on the bed when they enter the space. Most homes could use updated bed linens. When you consider your options, choose neutral colors. White looks amazing in photos! Layer your neutrals with contrasting colors using pillows, an extra blanket at the foot of the bed, and art. Textures make a bedroom feel luxurious. Lighting should make the room feel fresh, open the curtains and be sure bedside lamps put out soft lighting. Keep the wall color spa-like with soft blue or green grey’s.


If you have extra space for seating, invest in a comfortable chair. Style with a textured throw blanket and side table. Leaving a book on the seat will spark the buyer’s imagination. Let the buyer envision themself using this a cozy, relaxing reading nook at the end of a long day.



Be sure to stage the Primary Bathroom.

Primary Bathroom –

When you’ve created the perfect bedroom sanctuary, keep the vibe consistent in the Primary Bathroom. No matter if your ensuite is large or small, the details in this space matter! White, fluffy towels on the towel bars are not practical for everyday use and feel a bit luxurious and over-the-top. However, they are perfect for staging! Nothing shows better in listing photos than white. Don’t forget the pops of greenery or neutral floral arrangements to bring in freshness and life. Adding a bath tray over your sunken tub will evoke a feeling of calm. Clear all personal items from counters, tub surrounds, and showers. Let the buyers imagine their items in the empty spaces.



The Main Bathroom is another Key Room to Stage

Main Bathroom –

The main bathroom, or family bathroom, is a room that also needs to look its best. When you keep the towels white and fluffy, add a pop of greenery, and hide all the kids’ stuff and personal toiletries, it will neutralize the space. The main bathroom will see the most foot traffic from family and guests, so this bathroom will be important to buyers.


Focusing on these Key Rooms to Stage will set the tone for the rest of the home. Be sure all the rooms in the home are spotless and feel fresh, bright, and open. Decluttering, depersonalizing, and a serious deep cleaning will go a long way to impress the buyers and make them feel comfortable when they walk in the home.

A Certified Professional Home Stager is the absolute best person to have on your side as you prep your home to sell. They have been trained and are experts at looking for price-eroding issues in the home and how to minimize perceived flaws. Use these tips on the Key Rooms to Stage, or better still, call for a Home Staging Consultation! I will walk through each area in your home with your and we will create a workable plan to get the most from your biggest investment. Click here to schedule a Pre-Consult Phone Appointment. Let’s chat about how we can reach your goal!



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