Realtors who use Home Staging part I


There is no question 2022 is a Sellers’ Market, and Realtors who use Home Staging are working with an advantage! You may think Realtors who use Home Staging are wasting their time and money. The reality is, Realtors who use Home Staging as part of their listing package benefit both themselves in their business, and their clients by increasing their bottom line.

This is Part 1 of 2 on how realtors who use Home Staging will rise to the top faster than those who don’t.


82% of all Real Estate transactions come from referrals.


Statistics show 82% of all real estate transactions come from referrals. If the best kind of business comes from word of mouth, what are you doing to show your client you go above and beyond to sell their home so they want to talk about you? Home Staging is the simplest way to tell your clients you care about their bottom line. If you include a basic Home Staging Consultation in your listing presentations, it will give your seller the confidence they need to know you are doing what it takes to sell their home for top dollar. Happy clients = referrals.



Millennials make up 37% of the home buyer market.

Appeal to More Buyers

When Realtors use Home Staging in their listings, you are upping the odds your clients home will appeal to the widest audience of buyers. A Certified Home Stager is trained to intentionally style the home to improve the look and feel. When you have buyers who can imagine themselves living in the space, you will have multiple offers coming in. In a Seller’s Market, buyers will come, but are you increasing the sellers’ chance for that crazy over list offer they are hoping for? Home Staging encompasses everything from furniture layout, traffic flow, accessorizing, emotional connection points, and merchandising the space. We will often suggest more involved home improvement needs such as paint color ideas and lighting updates. Home staging suggestions can take a home from hmmm…it’s…interesting, to WOW…I love this space!



93% of home buyers start online when searching for a new home.


When a Realtor uses Home Staging to market the home, you know the photos will pop! Over 93% of home buyers start online when searching for a new home. Having a Certified Home Staging Consultation before you list gives the seller customized direction to show their home in the best possible light. Your clients’ home will shine in your online marketing photos and bring in more buyers. FOR THE LOVE, don’t post those grainy, dark, messy photos! It shows the listing isn’t worth much to you. Even the humblest home is worth your effort to the seller. If you are intentional when you market a home, you should be proud to put your name on it.



Home Staging is what sets you apart

Stand out

If you take a moment to think of all the realtors you know, those you’ve heard of, those you see at conferences, and those that attend awards nights, you will realize there are a TON of realtors! What is going to make you stand out in that big crowd? When you offer Home Staging as an option in your listing service, sellers will be impressed. Home Staging is not uncommon, but how many realtors do you know include it in their listing packages? Home Staging will help you stand out in the crowd. In a gaggle of realtors, be a swan! Don’t tell people what you do, show them and word will get out that the service you offer is far superior!



A Home Staging expert adds to your credibility


Experts on speed dial

How does it look to your client when you can pull a tradesperson from your contact list and refer them to your client? Pretty on the ball, right? Creating a relationship with a Certified Home Stager will add to your credibility as another expert to bring in. No one is good at everything.  You are hired to sell a home because you are an expert. Don’t water down your expertise by also suggesting electrical fixes, plumbing solutions, or home staging guidance. A discovery call is always free! Schedule a call with your Home Staging expert!


These are just a few things to think about. Stay tuned for Part 2 where we talk about common Home Staging misconceptions, how to build momentum, increase your reputation, and more.

In the meantime, check out my Free Open House Checklist for realtors!

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