Realtors who use Home Staging part II

Part 2 of Realtors who use Home Staging offers more helpful reasons why realtors who use Home Staging have found more success. There’s nothing better than seeing your business grow. All the effort putting yourself out there, the calls, the emails, the follow up… let’s work smarter, not harder. Home Staging is a simple way to get the most from your listings. Realtors who use Home Staging agree.


Staging isn't about moving full rooms of furniture

Simplified Staging

A common misconception about Home Staging is having to move your seller and their furnishings out of the house just to move full rooms of furniture into the house for staging. This isn’t necessarily the case. A basic Home Staging Consultation will work with the seller’s needs, current furnishings, and budget. Quite often working with what the seller has is the only option. Reconfiguring furniture, repurposing items in the home, creating emotional connection points with what they already own is not hard when you have been trained. Augmented Home Staging is another option. A Home Stager can work with the homeowner and realtor to bring in art, accessories, and small furniture items when needed. An added bonus is when you can educate the seller on the tricks of Home Staging, they buy-in to the process and can take these new tricks with them to their new home.



Preserve your relationship

Save your realtor/client relationship

If you have worked with sellers, you know they can be attached to their homes. When you begin suggesting small changes it is possible your client may become offended. Don’t ruin your relationship by taking on this sometimes-unpleasant task. A Certified Home Stager is trained to have those sensitive conversations about cleanliness and odors. If you leave these suggestions up to your Home Staging partner, your client relationships will remain intact.



Home Staging can increase your reputation

Your reputation matters

How might a realtor who uses Home Staging increase their reputation? By having move-in ready homes that look amazing, you will gain the reputation with other realtors of ‘that realtor’ whose listing are always buyer eye-candy. Word will spread about the efforts you took to sell a home and pay you back with more business. More business means more referrals. When the market turns, and it always does, what will help keep your business growing if not a stellar established reputation?



Home Staging creates momentum

Create momentum

A realtor who uses Home Staging is taking the momentum of the market in their hands and sling-shotting it to carry them into their future. When homes sell so quickly, you really don’t have to do anything. You can make the choice to sit back and let the market momentum take care of things or use it to your advantage. This is the best time to increase your reputation with clients, realtors, referrals, and build your online presence. Everyone loves the stories about homes that sold in XX hours with $XXX over asking. When you tell the world how your ‘special’ services made it happen, you are creating momentum that will continue when the market cools by solidifying your foundation of adoring fans. Be the realtor that goes above and beyond, even if they don’t have to.



Specialize by using home staging


When you offer a service that very few do, that is a niche. Adding a basic Home Staging Consultation to your listing presentations is creating a specialized service for your business that will add something special to your niche. Why not become a realtor who uses Home Staging? There are no courses to take, no renewal fees, no need to plan for continuing education. When you offer Home Staging, it is a simple way to carve out a more selective path in your business. Client will come to you knowing you offer something not many others do. Your ideal clients will be lining up!


If you haven’t realized yet that you have nothing to lose by becoming one of those select realtors who use Home Staging, you need to reach out to me so we can chat. Home Staging is an affordable way to level-up your service and will pay huge returns to your business. Everyone likes to be treated as if they are special, why not give your clients the very best special treatment?


Still not convinced? Check out this article from the Greater Boston Realtor Board to help you navigate Home Staging so you are more confident about collaborating with a Certified Home Stager.

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